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if you read this, let me know in a comment with your name. i've been getting some sketchy people looking at this, so from now on, there's gonna be a lot of private posts that either A) certain people can read only, or B) are private for only myself.

it's in my best interests to keep it this way.

and by the way if you have LJ, just add me as a friend. as long as i know you and you're not someone trying to hide their identity in order to read my "private entries," i'll add you back.
i wonder if anyone still reads this shit.

oh well, here goes.

The rain is steady and temperamental,
As the boy shifts in his chair.
The girl before him can't help herself,
She runs a hand through her hair.
Words pour out like the tears down her cheek,
She can't believe the boy.
Her heart beats straight out of her chest:
The heart he must destroy.

The raw emotion could burn this place,
She takes a look around.
The boy was already two steps ahead,
When he tore their pictures down.
She glances at her naked finger.
Where the ring had made its mark.
As she picks up her keys and starts for the door,
She'll never forget the spark.

The boy who once showed her affection and trust,
And made her smile each day,
Had decided he just wasn't content,
With the girl he had swept away.
And so it came to an evening in June,
When the girl had the boy on the phone.
The boy had spoke, then retracted his words,
He realized his cover was blown.

midnight and morning she continued to cry,
She lay wide awake in bed.
And the boy who had drove the stake through her heart,
Chose to ignore her instead.
The last week of school was painfully long,
Without the boy at her side.
As they counted down the minutes and seconds,
And declared their senior pride.

The girl hid her eyes under sunglasses and hair,
When the tears began to fall.
The senior events and yearbook exchange,
Did nothing but make her feel small.
A week had gone by, with the prom growing near,
And still, not a word from the boy.
She lay down each night with a knot in her stomach,
Not even liquor could destroy.

And so it has come to the girl and her heart,
And the time it will take her to heal.
The boy who had once been a hero to her,
Had one more lie to conceal.
Since the warm days of March and April alike,
The boy had hidden his guilt.
Until now, she thought he had loved her so pure,
Unaware of the lie he had built.

The girl who had seen blue skies for three years
Now, barely gets through the day
Knowing now she must learn to expect
An ominous sky painted grey.
And until her heart is mended again,
And the pain has faded with time
She will never forget her first true love,
The boy she used to call "mine."

you know it must be something important for me to take up writing in livejournal again.

he broke up with me.